VeloBank’s Failure Leaves Customers Unable to Access Their Savings

21 marca 2023, 10:11 | Business Insider


VeloBank customers have a problem with access to their savings. As Business Insider Polska readers informed, the problem concerns, among others, disposal of deposits. – I’ve been calling the bank since yesterday and I can’t find out anything – writes Mrs Dorota. Bank on Facebook confirms the outage.

“My place is over, I am trying to transfer funds to another bank and the option is blocked. The option of a new deposit in Velo works” – writes our reader, Dorota.

But the problem is not only with her. There are comments on Facebook that access to deposits has been difficult for several days.

“When will you fix the possibility of liquidating the deposit? The option has been blocked for 4 days, the infoline says that you have a failure, but for 4 days?” Mr Peter writes.

Bank in response to his comment he said he was working to resolve the issue and apologized for the inconvenience.

We turned to VeloBank for a position. In response, we heard that the matter is urgently checked. We are waiting for a more detailed statement on the failure.

“I am still unable to receive information about what is going on. Operations cannot be performed via the Internet or by phone. I was advised to contact the facility. After talking to four people, none of them is able to tell what the failure is and what is the approximate date of its completion removal” – Mrs. Dorota does not hide her anger.

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