Veils bother students and older teachers. I prefer distance learning, it sounds from schools

“We meet with teachers with the response that in veils and respirators it is very difficult for them to maintain the attention of students and the necessary discipline in teaching,” said the head of departments František Dobšík.

He therefore turned to the Minister of Education, Robert Plaga (for YES) and the Czech Hygiene Management, to close schools, at least in the districts that fall into the last stage of traffic light. So far, only Prague falls there, but the veils for teaching are also ordered nationwide, with the exception of the first stage of primary school.

Also, according to the head of the Association of Elementary School Principals Michal Černý, it would be worth talking about moving to a distance model if teaching in drapes were stretched. Teachers of foreign languages ​​in particular have a problem, because not only is the veil of both pupils and theirs worse with the veil, but without the spoken expression of the speaker, it is also less difficult to learn. However, he reminded that the principals of primary schools cannot simply order distance education, but only when they are ordered to do so by hygiene, the Minister of Health or the government.

Updated traffic light, Prague is red

Foto: Ministerstvo zdravotnictví

High schools have looser rules, but they don’t have all the cards in their hand either. As the head of the Union of School Associations, which associates secondary vocational schools, Jiří Zajíček, described Práva, principals can announce distance education, but it is not obligatory without the consecration of higher positions.

“It would have to be either an emergency or a hygiene order. If I do it on my own and the children do not want to be educated, I will not do anything about it, “he said. And even in the case of compulsory education, according to him, it is necessary to ensure that teaching is online. “Because if you just give them homework, they will run around cinemas and shopping malls, which will not help much,” said Zajíček.

Under the mask and out loud he can work

According to him, teaching in veils also bothers many older teachers, who make up the majority in some schools. “Some of them are no longer in the best of health. And when you imagine having to speak out loud in a classroom and with a veil, it’s quite physically demanding. Some teachers may not be able to handle it, “he explained.

“It probably depends on the conditions of specific schools. I can also imagine the variant that it would be up to the school principal to decide whether he wants to teach in veils or rather remotely, “he said.

He acknowledged that contact teaching could not be fully replaced, but said that secondary schools were ready for the transition to distance learning. He would just like an exception for practical teaching, which is generally not possible to do at a distance, and at the same time it is essential for students of vocational schools.

The head of the Association of Grammar School Directors, Renata Schejbalová, is also not afraid that the start of distance learning will cause greater difficulties. “We were unprepared in the spring and we also managed it. We will definitely be able to do it, “she told Práva.

He is waiting for a return to distance learning at any moment, at least in Prague.

“I don’t like it when it comes to high school closing first, and it will be denied again in a moment. The parents then call us, we need to know if it concerns the lower levels of the multi-year grammar school, “Schejbalová described, referring to the statement of Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib, who first announced that distance learning will apply to all high schools and universities from Monday, but the change of conditions will only apply to universities from Monday.

However, Schejbalová would rather keep teaching at school, even under strict drapes. “Veils are not ideal, but that contact teaching is still more full-fledged than online teaching. Veils are especially annoying for children when they are in them for eight hours. It would be better to teach in person, but the numbers are such that it is probably unsustainable, “Schejbalová added.

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