VEF Riga Benfica Match Champions Basketball


Champions League
1st round group F
INT: 38-42
1.º D 2.º D 3.º D 4.º D
27-25 38-42 65-71 76-89

Sensational debut of Benfica in the Champions League! In Latvia, the national champion gave a great show and beat VEF Riga 76-89, a result that shows the superiority embodied against a much appreciated rival, as had warned the coach Norberto Alves in preview at the meeting.

The recipe for victory was over total strength and collective concentrationwhich allowed a defensive hit and the effectiveness of the attack.

In the 1st quarter, in front of their fans, VEF Riga starts better and, inspired by Nysier Brooks, leads to nine points ahead (24-15), when Norberto Alves asks for a time out. Two and a half minutes from the end of the partial, the words of the Benfica coach worked and the return to the field was extraordinary. Common part of 3-10national champions balanced the challenge and he kept his aspirations intact to the 2nd bedroom.

At this stage, following the actions in the fight for the tables and more aggressive in defense, the reds took the opportunity to leap forward. On the other side of the fence they were warned about the The individual skill of Ivan Almeidahighlighted in the final of the qualifying round with the Brose Bamberg (39 points) e Benfica’s winger was the center of attention at VEF Rigahe managed to score the first points only one minute from the end of the 2nd quarter, with a shot from two points.

From then on Ivan Almeida contributed to the spectacle given by the reds, which he silenced the home team fans.

By conceding just 11 points to their opponent in the 2nd quarter, Benfica reached the rest with a four-point lead.

Ivan Almeida

In the next partial, later two steals culminating in dunks, Ivan Almeida left the eagles one point behind VEF Riga (56-55)who had used outside fire to take the lead.

The Latvians have accumulated billed and the 3rd quarter ends categorically, with another Betinho Gomes steals and two points for Toney Douglas. Masterfully, the red base still assisted Broussard for a triple that made Benfica pull (65-71).

Toney Douglas, Aaron Broussard and Ivan Almeida

When you start the final partial with another one James Ellisor triplethe red ones has inflated and contrasted the game of VEF Riga with an enormous class and collective work, dotted with moments of entertainment.

He won his first victory in the unprecedented presence in the Champions Leaguealready Saturday 8 October, eagles receive CAB Madeira at the Fidelidade Pavilion (4:00 pm).

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Come on Champions follows LimogesTuesday 11 October, at the Beaublanc Sports Pavilion (7:30 pm).


Norberto Alves

Norberto Alves (coach Benfica): “Benfica played together throughout the game. We entered a bit nervous and, in the first half, when Riga were winning with nine points, we changed a few things, but we stayed together. Defensive terms, there was conviction and a great commitment from the team. I am proud of all the players. We played a great match and we will fight in every match to win. We are a great club, with a great history and it is important that our team can compete in this. We will do everything to live up to the trust our President has in us and in our work and bring joy to all Benfiquistas. I appreciate the support of the Benfiquistas on the bench, because it gives us extra strength. “

Toni Douglas

Toney Douglas (Benfica base): “We knew it was going to be a tough match, but we believed in each other. Since we qualified for the group stage, we have evolved every day and we know what goals we want to achieve. In our group, which is fantastic, The goal is to win and we don’t care who the team’s top scorer is. “


VEF Riga-Benfica
Riga Arena
Five as a starter of Benfica
Aaron Broussard, Betinho Gomes, Toney Douglas, Terrell Carter and Ivan Almeida
José Barbosa, Makram Ben Romdhane, Maik Zirbes, Tomás Barroso, James Ellisor, Diogo Gameiro and Sérgio Silva
VEF Riga holder five
Artis Ate, Daniel Hamilton, Anrijs Miska, Nysier Brooks and Kristers Zorik
Ilya Gromovs, Vitaliy Zotov, Jamar Abrams, Roberts Berzins, Maris Gulbis, Emils Krumins and Peteris Pinnis
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
27-25 38-42 65-71 76-89
Benfica scorers
Toney Douglas (17), Ivan Almeida (16), Aaron Broussard (15), Betinho Gomes (12), Maik Zirbes (10), Terrell Carter (6), James Ellisor (5), Makram Ben Romdhane (5) and José Barbosa (3)

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