VAT sealing project in e-commerce and import, the so-called small shipments accepted by the government

The Ministry of Finance announced that the implementation of EU solutions included in the e-commerce package was adopted by the Council of Ministers on Thursday. As the Ministry of Finance reminded, the purpose of the package is to seal VAT in e-commerce and import, the so-called small shipments to the EU.

The package provides, inter alia, the elimination of the EU-wide exemption from import VAT, the so-called small parcels with a value of up to EUR 22, extending the scope of transactions that can be settled for VAT purposes using the simplified One Stop Shop procedure, imposing the obligation to collect and pay VAT on taxpayers.

In the opinion of the Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński, the solutions included in the e-commerce package facilitate the settlement of VAT on the sale of goods and services to consumers in other EU Member States. – They will certainly improve the competitiveness of both EU and Polish entrepreneurs in relation to those from outside the EU. This is especially important for domestic brokers, auction and sales portals, which often face unfair competition from outside the EU. The new regulation will be an important step towards leveling the playing field in favor of European companies, including Polish companies – said Kościński, quoted in the Ministry of Finance’s communiqué.

Deputy Minister Jan Sarnowski recalled that the intention of the European Commission when introducing the package was to limit the inflow of parcels with untaxed goods from third countries to the EU.

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– It is not only the budgets of individual countries that lose on it, but most of all EU entrepreneurs. They cannot compete with companies, often operating from the Far East, which sell the same goods as they do, but cheaper for VAT, which is often even by a quarter. The e-commerce package is an important step towards curbing this practice, explained Sarnowski.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the implementation of the e-commerce package will also result in a decrease in the costs of fulfilling VAT obligations related to cross-border B2C transactions.

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Deputy Minister Sarnowski believes that the e-commerce package will facilitate the operation of companies sending goods from Poland to consumers in other European countries. “Thanks to the new procedures, online traders will no longer have to register separately for VAT and settle accounts in each country to which they ship goods. Instead, they will settle VAT at + one counter +, in their country of establishment. they operate, they will share the tax they paid with the country where the shipment went, which will save companies a lot of costs and formalities – he explained.

The planned date of entry into force of the changes in the e-commerce package is July 1, 2021.

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