VAT numbers damaged by Covid, INPS postpones the payment of contributions in extremis pending the implementing decree on exemption

Last Friday, after that announced the delay in the launch of the implementing decree on the exemption from contributions for the self-employed damaged by Covid, theInps ha postponed “Until further notice” the deadline for payment, which was set for June 30th. The message 2418 of the institute reminds that the Budget law for 2021 it ordered the partial exemption for VAT numbers that in 2019 had an income below 50 thousand euros and due to the pandemic they have seen revenues drop by at least 33%. And he adds that “the aforementioned law requires the definition of the criteria and procedures for granting the exemption to the adoption of one or more decrees by the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, in agreement with the Minister of Economy and finances, whose publication process is being defined“.

So, pending the decree – which ministries have signed, but is now under consideration Court of Auditors and EU Commission – arrives on deferral of the terms of payment for the special autonomous management of artisans and commercial activities, the management of self-employed agricultural workers, the separate management of freelancers and companies with employees, “in relation to the need to allow the implementation process of the above regulations indicated is completed and following an express clearance from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies “. It should be noted that both the “imminent expiry” terms, such as that of June 30 for the payment of the 2020 balance and the 2021 advance payment of income taxes and contributions by members of the Inps separate management, and those “already expired”. For example, those of March 16 for companies that make monthly payments. As told by, even the associations representing the self-employed in recent days advised members to pay to avoid ending up in must.

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