Vasco wins Operário with a crowd party and leans against leader Cruzeiro

Supported by almost 22 thousand fans in a big party in São Januário, the Vasco beat Operário by 3 to 0, tonight (24), in a duel valid for the 14th round of the Brazilian Serie B. Quintero, Nenê and Palacios were the authors of the goals of the Basque victory, all scored in the final stretch of the match. The game was scored by actions against homophobia promoted by Vasco and its fans.

With the result, Vasco remains in second place and leans on the leader cruise. Cruz-Maltino reached 30 points, one less than the miners, who will only play their game for the round on July 5, as the match against Ituano has been postponed. The Worker is in 11th place, with 16 points, but he can also drop positions until the end of the round.

In the next round of Serie B, the Vasco visit Novorizontino, Wednesday (29), at 9:30 pm. The Worker, in turn, returns to the field on Monday (27), at 8 pm, when he receives the Chapecoense.

Actions against homophobia

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Vasco fans speak out against homophobia before the game against Operário

Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

After Vasco’s organized fans sign a Code of Conduct against to homophobia and transphobia, São Januário was taken by actions in honor of International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, celebrated on Tuesday (28). There were several expressions of support for the cause.

The athletes entered the field with smoke in the colors of the rainbow, the crowd prepared banners and the stadium had the flags also in the colors of the rainbow and with a banner with the words “Respect, equality and diversity”. Historic day provided by Vasco and his fans.

“Too important. Vasco has always been a club that fought for all causes, whether homophobia, racism… We have to applaud the action and support the cause”, said midfielder Yuri Lara, to Premiere, at halftime.

Who did well: Quintero and Nenê

The defender was the author of the goal that paved the way for Vasco’s victory. He took advantage of Nenê’s cross and headed for the nets, blowing up the Vasco crowd in São Januário. The midfielder, in addition to providing the assist, converted a penalty to extend the lead.

Who was bad: Getúlio

The striker had difficulties to get rid of the marking and got in the way of Vasco’s offensive moves. He was little used and did not appear for the game, being substituted at the beginning of the second half.

game chronology

If in the stands, Vasco’s fans turned the atmosphere of São Januário into a melting pot, on the field what was shown in the first half was a lukewarm game, truncated and with few chances to score. Operário fitted the mark and managed to be slightly superior to the hosts, with the clearest opportunities. Overall, however, the balance took over the initial stage, and zero did not leave the score.

The second half came back busier, and Operário almost opened the scoring: Giovanni Pavani finished with the first shot and landed on the crossbar in the most dangerous chance of the match so far. Vasco grew and launched the attack in the final stretch, managed to open the scoring with Quintero, with a header, in the 34th minute, extended with Nenê, from a penalty (marked after a VAR check), in the 44th, and closed the account with Palacios, in a beautiful free kick, at 50. 3 to 0 for Cruz-Maltino.

Vasco’s game

Maurício Souza kept the base of his debut at Vasco, changing only the injured Gabriel Dias for Weverton on the right side. In the first half, the team struggled to be objective and lacked offensive power, making it difficult to defend Operário. In addition, she suffered scares and could have been punished by opponents. The performance continued without being brilliant in the final stage, but the team was pushed by the crowd and managed to build the victory.

The Worker’s Game

Claudinei Oliveira’s team was not intimidated by the party of the Vasco fans and managed to neutralize the hosts with a firm marking. He took advantage of dead balls and counterattacks to create the best opportunities, but he didn’t hold back the pressure of the home team in the final stretch and conceded two goals.

Maurício Souza debuts in São Januário

The new coach commanded Vasco for the second game, but the first as home team and with the tireless support of the crowd.

Fans fill São Januário and celebrate

The Basque people present had a beautiful party and did not stop singing in São Januário. In the midst of the imbroglio about sending games at Maracanã, Vasco’s fans sold out tickets for tonight’s duel and put almost 22 thousand in the stands.

ugly shock

In the final stretch of the first half, Anderson Conceição and Thales disputed a ball in the air and collided when making the movement of the header. Both had cuts and bled a lot, but were promptly attended to by the medical team and had to put on the swimming cap, traditionally used on occasions like this.


Brazilian Serie B – 14th round
Date and time: June 24 (Friday), at 7 pm (GMT)
Local: Sao Januario, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Public: 21,739 gifts / 20,269 paying
Income: R$ 579.022,00
Referee: Vinícius Gonçalves Dias Araújo (SP)
Auxiliaries: Evandro de Melo Lima (SP) and Luiz Alberto Andrini Nogueira (SP)
WAS: Vinicius Furlan (SP)
Yellow cards: Yuri Lara (VAS); Thales, William Machado (OPE)
goals: Quintero (VAS), at 34’/2nd T (1-0), Nenê (VAS), at 44’/2nd T (2-0) and Palacios (VAS), at 50’/2nd T

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Weverton, Quintero, Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Yuri Lara (Juninho), Andrey Santos and Nenê (Matheus Barbosa); Gabriel Pec (Raniel), Figueiredo and Getúlio (Palacios). Technician: Maurício Souza

FACTORY WORKER: Simon; Thales (Ronald), Reniê and William Machado (Júnior Brandão); Arnaldo, Ricardinho, Tomas Bastos (Reina) and Fabiano; Giovanni Pavani (Giovani albuquerque), Paulo Sérgio and Silvinho (Felipe Saraiva). Technician: Claudinei Oliveira

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