Vary will be! The organizers of the Karlovy Vary IFF presented an extraordinary, 54 ½. year of studies

“Here in the summer, Vary taught people to go to the cinemas again, not to be afraid of it. Now we are trying to do it again, this time with the November event. Of course, we expect to observe all hygienic measures, “said Jiří Bartoška, ​​the festival’s president, at a press conference on Wednesday.

The Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek (ČSSD) also appreciated the courage of the organizers of the traditional event: “I am glad that Vary is not giving up. I know that the situation now looks bleak, but the effort to promote at least a bit of art even at this time is appreciated. ”He immediately confirmed that he would be happy to come to Vary for the film festival in November.

He also mentioned that new funds for culture are going to the Czech Republic from the European Union. A new audiovisual fund could soon emerge from them. “Let’s look ahead. The means to restart the film will be. There will even be more for filmmakers, television creators than before. “

The best of the world

The organizers remind that Vary is “not only” a spectator festival, but also a place where film professionals and other personalities of cultural life meet.

The President of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Jiří Bartoška, ​​spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, October 7. In the picture on the left, the author of the visual, Aleš Najbrt.

Photo: Petr Hloušek, Právo

The November event will take place as a non-competitive show, in which the Czech premiere will feature an exclusive selection of the most significant film titles, which aroused enthusiastic responses at the premiere at this year’s Sundance, Berlin and Venice festivals.

The artistic director of the event, Karel Och, revealed that one film will also have its renewed premiere in Prague in November: “A digitally restored version of Karel Kachyna’s Carriage to Vienna from 1966 will have its world premiere at the festival. Janžurová and Jaromír Hanzlík, both of which promised to take part in it. “

About thirty movies

The organizers expect that the spectators who at 54 В½. year will arrive, they will come mainly from the Czech Republic. They hope that the non-traditional autumn term will interest them even during a pandemic. In order to strengthen their interest, they untraditionally send a large part of tickets to pre-sales.

“Our ambition is to find a way to organize a larger cultural event in the current situation effectively, and above all safely. We believe that while adhering to the rules and ensuring sophisticated prevention and protective equipment, it is not necessary to resign from cultural life even at this time, “they said.

54th IFF KV

  • Screenings will take place in The Large and Small Halls of the Thermal Hotel, the Karlovy Vary Municipal Theater and cinema Time.
  • The complete program of the show will be published on the official festival website 19.10.2020.
  • Due to the shortened scope of the event, traditional Festival Passes will not be issued, tickets can be purchased for individual performances, preferably online.
  • Advance ticket sales will begin on October 21, 2020 through the Go Out booking platform. The price of one is CZK 80.
  • Detailed information and current news will be published on the official festival website and on social networks.

In the program 54 ½. The KV IFF will have approximately 30 film titles, each of which will have two to three screenings. The program will be designed so that viewers have the opportunity to watch them in both the first and second half of the four-day show.

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