Various Ways to Earn Money in the Virtual World

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Hobbies surfing the internet, if occupied seriously, can generate money and become a new source of income. Some examples are being a blogger about culinary, tourist destinations, or film reviews.

This is what is discussed in webinar organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia together with the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Cybercreatism with the theme “Make a Hobby for Gaining Money”, Friday (15/7), in Makassar, South Sulawesi. According to Founder Desty Dwiyanasari, currently there are many contemporary hobbies that can bring in money.

For example, there are those who like to explore new places and culinary delights, then take advantage of their hobbies by becoming a blogger for food and tourist destinations. Desty also provides some tips and tricks to maximize the hobby content.

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Among them, using appropriate applications, learning to optimize content, and improving skills with digital literacy. “Use digital skills to find information from search engines for hobbies that match your interests,” said Desty.

Also, get rid of the thought patterns of excessive fear and unreasonable worries. “Let’s start doing things according to what we can,” he continued. Similarly, West Sulawesi ICT volunteer Mahadir explained, digital business strategy can be interpreted as a careful plan in utilizing digital tools and technological sophistication to achieve goals.

In addition, Mahadir said, there are several creative strategies for beginners that can be done to develop a business in the digital era. Starting from, conducting market research, using technology proficiently, promotions that are easily accessible, excellent service, and constantly innovating for business progress.

“Creative strategies in business development can provide benefits in the form of potential for profit, wider marketing reach, and motivation to forge themselves into more productive individuals,” said Mahadir.

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