Varied art (Experiences) II

Varied Art (Vivencias) II is a new publication by José Bacedoni. It is, as has become customary lately, a simple, affordable, close book, unequivocal proof that for artistic creation any format is expressive enough to proclaim what the ingenious Alberto Casas attributes to his humanism in his prologue ” of an old creative spirit cut into his blood that on this occasion surprises us again with the exhibition and exhibition of everything that contains his immeasurable inventive capacity and ingenuity manifested in this work … a beautiful synthesis of the noblest plastic disciplines (baroque, impressionism, cubism, surrealism, dadaism) of which Bacedoni confesses his passion “.

I have written on many occasions about the brilliant, profuse and diverse artistic performance of José Bacedoni, including his noblest sentiments and his chivalry and goodness, recognized and admired by all, which seems to be integrated into his own art from his first steps. His own wife, María del Carmen Haro Ramos, tells us about this admirable, prolific and active career from the beginning in a brief biography – although it deserves further extension. I never said, as is often the case, that “behind a great man there is a great woman”, but next to him, next to him, as we say here. And Carmen has been a faithful companion, inspiration, I think on many occasions, but above all encouragement, suggestion, a valuable incentive that has contributed intensely to the artist’s tireless creative work. In this biography, the intense creative work of José Bacedoni and the imaginative diversity of his art and work are patented. In this extensive biographical profile, in addition to his different artistic facets, his awards and distinctions, achievements and stellar moments expressed in chronicles, graphic reports and multiple testimonies that have marked his life are synthesized, under the motto that has always presided over and includes this book : “The illusion is what helps to live”.

Because the publication is a broad sample of the extensive artistic background and inexhaustible versatility of José Bacedoni, where, together with the varied wealth of his styles, all kinds of techniques and formats are shown that he masters with the same mastery, with those unique characteristics that have always distinguished his drawings. As Alberto Casas rightly writes: “his artistic maturity is discovered by offering us an extraordinary chromatic palette where his virtuosity is overturned”, his constant renewal, his tireless inventiveness and to which he adds the expression of his most sincere feelings :, his aphorisms, we would say, imbued with a serene nobility and simple poetry, plus “Intelligence, Organization and Work”, as recorded on the Funcadia school tile, the center of his solid beginnings, designed by him, one more proof of the valuable legacy that Bacedoni has dedicated to Huelva.



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