Var. State condemned for improper withdrawal of driving license

A septuagenarian from Where sentenced the state to the administrative court of Toulon, relate Var-Matin Saturday January 30. He should receive € 1,000 for moral damage after the suspension of his driving license, which was deemed to be unreasonable.

The facts date back to September 2018. The administration considered that he had lost all his points after 19 violations of the Highway Code.

He is appealing for compensation

However, the Var had completed, in January 2018, a road safety awareness course recovering four points. His license should therefore not have been suspended. The administrative judge emphasized: “The Ministry of the Interior did not take the internship into account. This error constitutes a fault which engages the responsibility of the State ”, quotes the regional daily.

He hadn’t been able to get behind the wheel for two and a half months. This situation had prevented him from going to work, specify our colleagues. He had a part-time job. Var-Matin indicates that the man is going to appeal on the compensation component.



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