Vangelis died –

He is one of the pioneers of electronic pop, but his work spans more musical styles.

Vangelis’ domain has always been synthesizers. His albums Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0.39, Spiral or Direct belong to the milestones of the electronic scene.

From a cinematic point of view, his soundtracks are crucial. Vangelis began his solo career by composing music for films directed by Frederic Rossif, who is best known as the author of nature series and films.

Vangelis entered the world of film in 1981, when he composed music for Hudson’s historical-sports film Fire Cars, and won an Oscar for his music.

In collaboration with director Ridley Scott, he composed the music for the famous sci-fi film Blade Runner. He continued his successful collaboration with this director in 1992, when he created the music for the film 1492: The Conquest of Paradise.

In the first half of the eighties, Vangelis was relatively busy. In addition to working on serial albums and the works already mentioned, he composed music for Costa-Gavras’ drama The Unknown and Japanese film Nankyoku Monogatari and Donaldson’s version of Bounty.

In 2007 he composed music for the biographical film El Greco and also for the biographical film Alexander the Great by Oliver Stone.

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