Vandenbroucke: “The catering industry is closing down, but overcrowded hospitals are even worse” | Inland

Including three-star chef Peter Goossens reacted furiously on the decision to close restaurants as well. “This is just to blare. And an outright shame ”, he said among other things. “I always hear, ‘We have to do everything we can to keep our companies open. Maybe we are not a company? “

Vandenbroucke understands the frustration. “His restaurant is also a business. And an important company. But his company organizes contacts between people, ”he explains. “It is now important to have as few contacts as possible.”

To help cafes and restaurants, half a billion euros will be reserved for aid measures, he promises. “On a federal level, we are going to make half a billion euros available for measures, such as doubling bridging rights, social contributions that will not be postponed, but simply canceled and we will ensure that end-of-year bonuses can be paid. The most important competence lies with the Flemish government, which will also do significant things. ”

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