Vandenbroucke on nuclear exit: ‘Who is Bart De Wever in this …

Deputy Prime Minister Frank Vandenbroucke calls the statements of N-VA chairman Bart De Wever about the nuclear exit dossier ‘completely unimportant’. ‘Who is Bart De Wever in this? ‘said Vandenbroucke in De Zevende Dag.

N-VA chairman Bart De Wever has Saturday offered a variable majority to reverse the law on nuclear exit. He said that in The morning on Radio 1. De Wever calls the federal government’s plan to stick to the nuclear exit in 2025 ‘disastrous’.

Sp.a Deputy Prime Minister Frank Vandenbroucke describes De Wever’s statements as ‘totally unimportant’. ‘Who is Bart De Wever in this? He’s not in the government. … That statement was totally unimportant. That is also why my party has not responded. That’s a comment from the sidelines. The government has been formed and it shows solidarity, ‘says Vandenbroucke.

‘No political auction’

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo also returned to the nuclear trip in The Seventh Day. ‘If it turns out in November 2021 that there is a problem with security of supply, we can achieve up to 2 GW (the youngest power stations, ed.) keep it open. ‘ He does not want to join the political ‘auction’ in this dossier, ‘because it is too important for that’.

The prime minister emphasizes that the passage in the coalition agreement is not new. The nuclear exit law is enforced, as is the case by the Swedish government. “We just add that the exit must be feasible and affordable,” says De Croo. According to the prime minister, Engie also takes both scenarios into account.


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