Vandas resigned, leaving all important positions in Prague’s Dukla

This is how Pavel Vandas welcomed the central defender Jiří Piroch, who moved to Prague’s Dukla from Pilsen.

| photo: FK Dukla Prague

“I believe that 14 months of hard work will move Dukla higher. When someone works hard for a club, they have to have either pros or loyal people around them. I wish Dukla only the best, “he wrote on twitter Vandas, who took office in May 2019 after Prague residents dropped out of the top competition after eight years.

Last season in the second league, the team from Juliska took third place, which under normal circumstances was supposed to mean a start in the playoffs.

How Vandas almost sold Suchý to Real

However, it was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic, after which the direct return among the Dukla elite was prevented by the infection of covid-19 in one unnamed Opava player.

Due to that, the first league group was not rescued, no club was relegated and only two teams (Pardubice and Brno) passed higher in the second league.

“We cannot sit with our hands in our laps now and lament our fate. Holt has been hit by force majeure and we are moving on, “Vandas then said.

“We could have lived for a week in the hope that the third second league team will advance, but I was not completely optimistic. Rather, I remained reticent and waited for the final scenario. Maybe this ungrateful experience will strengthen us, “the former striker or player’s agent hoped for a missed chance.

But he won’t be there anymore.

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