Vanami shrimp farming trial successful

Kuwait City: Vanami shrimp farming started on an experimental basis in Kuwait has been successful, says the Scientific Research Center. Shrimp farming has been successfully tested at the Kisr Experimental Farm in the Kabd Desert. Vanami shrimps were reared on an experimental basis in Kabdil under the supervision of the marine biology research department of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. Vanami shrimp larvae from Thailand were reared in low salinity water. Kisr Acting Director General Dr. Manay Al-Siderawi said. In the experimental phase, productivity up to two kg per square meter was achieved. Vanami shrimp is a highly marketable species in the global shrimp market due to its fast growth and high resistance to disease. The Kabdil Shrimp Farm project was launched by the Scientific Research Center as part of Vision 2035, the comprehensive development plan of Kuwait. The project is also part of the Cabinet proposal to utilize new technologies in fish farming as a means of supporting national food security.

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