Van Rey convicted of fraud may become alderman | Inland

The new aldermen will be installed next Wednesday. The last hurdle has now been overcome by Berenschot’s report with the integrity risk analysis, which also gives the green light for 77-year-old Van Rey.

A few years ago, Van Rey was sentenced to one year in prison for corruption and electoral fraud. He was also not allowed to be an alderman for several years. That suspension has now ended.

The municipality of Roermond put a summary of the Bureau Berenschot report online on Wednesday. It states, among other things, that integrity risks have been identified. Who is not in the summary. The agency says it makes recommendations on how to deal with these risks in order to prevent them. What those risks consist of is also not stated in the published summary.

Resignation on suspicion of fraud

Van Rey will most likely be installed next Wednesday, after resigning as a VVD alderman ten years ago due to the suspicion of fraud, among other things. Because the VVD dropped him, Van Rey founded the Liberal People’s Party Roermond (LVR) with allies.

For eight years, the major parties in Roermond maintained a cordon sanitaire around the LVR, because the former Van Rey was suspected and later convicted of fraud. That exclusion has ended since the last election. The LVR achieved a substantial election victory, after which GroenLinks and VVD chose eggs for their money and announced that they still wanted to do business with the LVR.

The LVR wants to supply two aldermen, the other coalition parties GroenLinks, PvdA and VVD, one each. A certificate of good conduct (VOG) has been issued to all candidates for the position of alderman, Bureau Berenschot writes.

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