Van Peteghem: ‘Contribution to highest capital must yield 250 to 300 million euros annually’

Quite a lot of ink has already flowed and been discussed about the particular passage in the new federal coalition agreement. According to the text, the De Croo government is aiming for ‘a fair contribution’ from the ‘persons who have the greatest means to contribute’. It is added: ‘with respect for entrepreneurship’.

It is up to Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem to work out a proposal. The CD&V minister cannot or does not want to say anything about the exact formula of the contribution. In a conversation with, he does say that he will work out a proposal by the first budget control of 2021 – so March or April of next year.

That proposal must have sufficient legal certainty to withstand any proceedings before the Constitutional Court. It is also the intention that the contribution will yield between 250 and 300 million euros on a structural basis, ie annually. “I think it should be in the order of 250 to 300 million euros,” says Van Peteghem.

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