Van hits landmine in Burkina Faso, at least 10 civilians killed

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A van hit a mine in eastern Burkina Faso, killing at least ten civilians. This was announced by the government of Burkina Faso. The van had already arrived at the mine near the village of Bougui on Christmas Day, but details were not yet known.

Authorities expect the death toll to rise further. An as yet unknown number of the victims of the explosion were taken to Fada N’Gourma hospital. Other passengers are still missing.

What exactly happened in the West African country, a few hours from the border with Niger, is still unclear. Burkina Faso and other countries in the region have been battling jihadist violence for nearly a decade. Numerous terrorist groups with ties to al-Qaeda and IS are active in the region. Thousands of people have been killed and more than two million people have been displaced by violence in the region.


Years of violence in Burkina Faso have led to great political instability. The government doesn’t control much of the land and this year it did up to twice a coup committed by military rulers who promised to do something against the jihadists.

Despite this, attacks continue, particularly in the east and in the Sahel region. Yesterday’s explosion came just a day after another large explosion in the east of the country. At least five soldiers were injured in the landmine attack near the villages of Ougarou and Matiacoali.

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