Van Geel: ‘It is normal to share European income with other clubs’

Martin van Geel, general manager of Willem II, is in favor of sharing European income with other clubs. “I think it is normal to make a contribution to other clubs from the Europa League income, which will only be there when we reach the group stage.”

The revenue sharing was put forward two weeks ago by football association KNVB as an opportunity to compensate clubs that were duped by the termination of the competition. “It seems to us as a KNVB fair that 25 percent of the starting money is put into a fund by those clubs, with which we help the clubs in the honor and first division,” said professional football director Eric Gudde at the end of April.

Talks are now underway between the four major clubs (Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord and AZ) and the KNVB, which include discussions about European income. Willem II was not invited to do so, but does support the union’s proposal to share the income. “The competition is not completely finished,” said Van Geel. “So I am absolutely in favor of following the KNVB in this.”

‘Fifth for a reason’

Willem II received one of the European tickets after the plug was finally removed from the competition. Rightly so, says Van Geel. “We were fifth for a reason after 26 games. We have had a strong season with fantastic games,” says the general manager.

“Of course we would have loved to finish the competition. We were confident and had enough perspective given the remaining program.”

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