Van Basten questions Ajax’s identity: ‘Is this really happening? Has the club lost its way?’

Calvin Bassey played his worst match for Ajax in the Classic against Feyenoord (2-3), says Marco van Basten. Saint Mark believes that the center defender is anything but a typical Ajax player.

“Have you ever seen him so bad this season?” Van Basten asks Rondo on Ziggo Sport to Rafael van der Vaart. “This can’t be right? He’s doing everything he can to not have the ball… He plays it as fast as possible. He was completely lost. He didn’t know where to run and he didn’t know if he had to run .”

Van Basten emphasizes that Bassey was not the only dissonant in the Amsterdam rearguard against Feyenoord. “Sánchez doesn’t need the ball either and Wijndal was also gone. Timber is the only one who wants him. At one point Taylor went to get him, but what does Ajax stand for? Ajax stands for football from the back.”

Rafael van der Vaart agrees with Van Basten’s words. The former Orange international notes that Bassey can help an opponent in the saddle. “It is nice if you are a Feyenoord trainer and can say: release Bassey. Walk behind him a bit and then he will give it to us automatically. This was really outrageous.”

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