Vampire Survivors, the game for “nozzle” is doing well. And it is still being developed

A few months ago, a production appeared on Steam that suddenly won the hearts of players. Vampire Survivors has been quite successful for a turkey created by a fresh studio. It was influenced by the price and the mechanics of the game.

Creator Vampire Survivors he did not rest on his laurels, although he certainly made a lot of money from his game. In an interview with PC Gamer, he revealed that thanks Vampire Survivors he could finally quit his job. The production is priced at PLN 10.99 and still attracts thousands of fans. At the time of writing, 21,000 daredevils are struggling in the vampire world. And there’s more and more fun in this one-man studio production.

According to information available on Steam, the game has, among others, 5 new achievements. They will allow access to:

  • a new map,
  • a new relic that enriches the game with 2 small mechanics,
  • two new “arcan”,
  • additional skill level “Skip”

Apart from a few novelties, the game also introduces subtle changes to the balance of weapons, skills and “arcan”. The developer has also fixed some minor bugs and announces more changes with the next update.

At the same time, the creator reminds what is the heart of this game – not necessarily balanced gameplay. This is a single-player production, so there is no reason why our hero should not cause confusion. It is unstoppable and will remain so. So if you want to de-stress, I highly recommend it Vampire Survivors, which is a game cheaper than a set at McDonalds.

Arkadiusz Stando, editor-in-chief of Polygamy

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