Valve officially opens repair centers for its Steam Deck console

One valve launched its Steam Deck handheld console earlier this year and has been dedicated to making this a device that gamers want, enabling it to meet all the needs of the most demanding customers.

And the company has brought news quite often and has now announced that Steam Deck Repair Centers are now officially open.




The Steam Deck Recovery Centers have been opened

One valve announced officially opening the recovery centers for your Steam Deck console. This new feature will allow users who detect a problem with their equipment to take advantage of more focused and specialized support for it.

The centers will then serve to repair or replace any component of the console, where the specialized team will diagnose the Steam Deck and repair as needed, then ship the equipment back to the customer.

According to information officially released by Steam:

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Steam Deck Repair Centers today. If you encounter a problem and need to send your Steam Deck for repair or replacement, your device will now go to one of our repair centers. At these centers, our team will diagnose, repair the device if necessary, and then return the repaired unit.

The company that owns the Steam platform adds that repairs due to problems covered by the warranty are carried out free of charge. But in cases where a Steam Deck console arrives at repair centers due to a non-warranty issue, the team will contact the customer to propose a repair, if possible, for a fee. Therefore, repair for problems that the warranty does not cover is a choice on the part of the customer, who can request the return of the equipment if desired.

But if users don't want this solution, Valve reminds them that they can always turn to iFixit "where you can find repair kits, spare parts and guides".

Finally, the company leaves two examples of a situation that is covered by the warranty and others where it is not.

Covered by warranty

  • "If your Steam Deck starts having a problem with the response of one of the buttons blinking (which is rare, but it can happen), please contact Steam Support, who will help you send it to one of our repair centers. our team will have it diagnosed, replace the button and, after testing and calibrating the unit, return it free of charge, as this is covered by the warranty. "

Not covered by warranty

  • "If your dog chews on a handle and damages it, it is no longer covered by the warranty. Until now, in situations like these, you would have had to repair the device yourself, but now you can contact Steam support, who will provide instructions to send the Steam Deck to one of our repair centers. Our team will review the case and offer a neck replacement and calibration service, for a fee. This procedure will also be available after the warranty period has ended.

You can learn more about these new Steam Deck Repair Centers here.


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