Valentino Rossi’s student talks about his revenge after becoming the best Yamaha racer – Student Valentino Rossi who is currently defending Petronas Yamaha SRT, Franco Morbidelli, talking about revenge for being the best Yamaha rider on MotoGP 2020.

Morbidelli is confirmed to be the best Yamaha rider at MotoGP 2020 after being ranked second in the final standings with a collection of 158 points.

On the other hand, three other Yamaha riders, namely, Fabio Quartararo, Maverick Vinales, and Valentino Rossi, scattered outside the top five.

Morbidelli’s team mate, Quartararo, ended MotoGP 2020 in eighth place with a collection of 127 points.

Meanwhile, Vinales, who defends Monster Energy Yamaha, sits sixth in the standings after posting 132 points.

Another Monster Energy Yamaha racer, namely Valentino Rossi, is Yamaha’s worst racer because he can only win 66 points and sits 15th in the final standings this season.

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Seeing the final standings of the 2020 MotoGP riders, Morbidelli said he was very satisfied after defeating three other Yamaha riders.

Because, this season Morbidelli uses the Yamaha YZR-M1 2019 A, while the three other Yamaha riders appear with factory specifications.

That fact made Morbidelli feel like he had managed to get his revenge after becoming the best Yamaha rider considering he was distinguished by three rider other.

“This is a fantastic season. I do not hide the fact that earlier this season I felt like the 4th Yamaha rider,” said Morbidelli quoted from the website. Tuttomotoriweb.

“I’m not saying that I feel left out. That’s not true. However, the fact that I use a different bike than the other three Yamaha riders makes me feel marginalized,” said Morbidelli.

“However, we managed to concentrate all this anger by continuing to work hard with the team. It all paid off at the end of this season,” said Morbidelli.

“We have taken a very good revenge. I am satisfied and proud of the achievements this season,” said the Italian racer.

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Next season, Morbidelli will still defend Petronas Yamaha SRT which is a satellite team from Yamaha.

However, Morbidelli no longer has to compete with Quartararo, who is confirmed to move to Monster Energy Yamaha next season.

Quartararo’s place at Petronas Yamaha SRT will later be replaced by Valentino Rossi.

That means, Morbidelli will become teammates and compete with his own teacher from next season.

MotoGP next season is expected to start at the end of March 2021.

Prior to that, all MotoGP riders will undergo pre-season tests from February to March 2021.



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