Valentino Rossi still in MotoGP: he will race in Petronas

There are no longer any doubts about Valentino’s future, on track in 2021 with the Petronas team’s Yamaha. He himself confirmed it to Sky in Barcelona, ​​during the week of the Catalunya GP: “All done with Petronas, I will sign in the next few hours and we will probably make the announcement this weekend”. One-year contract, with door open for 2022


Here we are, contract defined: Rossi will race with Petronas in 2021. He explains it himself when interviewed by Antonio Boselli in Barcelona, ​​where the Catalunya GP is held this weekend: “We talked to Petronas, it’s all done, I should be signing by the hour and we will probably be able to announce this weekend“. The telemetry operator Matteo Flamigni, the crew chief David Munoz and the coach Idalio Gavira will follow him. One year contract with agreement with Yamaha to talk about it again based on results in mid-2021.

“Door open for 2022”

During the conference Rossi adds some details: “We talked about making a 1 + 1, but we decided for 1 year with an open door: if we are all happy (us, Yamaha and Petronas), my results are good and I will fight for the top 5, next year in the summer break I will decide together with them to be able to continue. We can’t talk about a real option, but the contract says that if we are all happy I could continue. At first I was a little angry with Yamaha, they seemed to want to offer a one-year dry contract. I explained to him that 2021 would certainly not be my last season and they understood it. “On the team he will work with next year:” I am very sorry that the mechanics Briggs and Stephens cannot come with me, I tried but unfortunately it was not possible. It will be sad not to have them with me next year. When I enter my garage I feel like I am entering home, we have been working together for 20 years, they are part of my family “.”Sometimes in MotoGP you sign too early, you think about next season first than the one you are facing. With Yamaha and Petronas we are talking about it from Jerez, now we have defined everything and we can say it. Withdrawal? Sooner or later I too will have to stop, but my mother also told me that it is impossible for that to happen … “, concludes Rossi smiling.

“Barcelona circuit one of my favorites”

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Valentino is ready to tackle the Montmeló track: “I love Barcelona, ​​it’s one of my favorite tracks, I’ve always liked. It is a track with two very long straights, there will have to be suffered, but at the same time the layout goes well with the Yamaha. It has quite fast corners, you enter very hard, our bike can go well here. In the last two years we have been competitive, last year I had a great pace but then there was the accident with Lorenzo, we will never know how the race could go, but we were certainly fast, we hope to be fast too. year”.


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