Valentino Rossi: ‘It’s dangerous to race at Le Mans in October, very difficult conditions’

At the end of Friday’s Free Practice (closed in 12th place), Valentino criticizes with a joke the choice to race in France in the autumn: “If they let us go to Jerez in July and Le Mans in October, then maybe we have done something bad and they made us pay for it. The conditions are very difficult, you have to drive through the puddles. On the crash of his brother Marini: “For the dynamics of the impact, it went well for Luca: the tires of Moto2 and Moto3 are too hard”


Friday full of mixed emotions for Rossi at Le Mans. Valentino first closes in 5th place in the combined free practice standings, but shortly after the yellow flag lap is canceled and slips to 12th place. Following the Yamaha rider gets a big fright in front of the TV, when he sees the fall of his brother Luca during Moto2 Free Practice 2. Luckily no fracture for Marini, but the dynamics of the impact caused Rossi to worry so much, who constantly monitored the developments on the conditions of the Sky Racing Team VR46 rider. At the end of the day, Valentino takes stock of Sandro Donato Grosso’s microphone: “Very difficult conditions, our turn was really tough: in addition to the track that was half dry and half wet, it was also there a lot of cold. You have to be very careful in all corners, you have to driving in the puddles. Also the track is really hard to dry, it was really difficult. If they make us go to Jerez in July and Le Mans in October, then maybe we did something wrong and they made us pay for it – Rossi jokes, smiling -. Sure, the timing depends on the coronavirus, but the Le Mans track in October is a bit dangerous, like Phillip Island. Not the best time of year to run there. These are not my favorite conditions, but I’m happy because I managed to go well anyway. Unfortunately they took away the last lap, otherwise I would have finished in 5th place, so I’d say it’s not bad. “Valentino also talks about his next four-wheel commitments:” My plan was to not to do the Monza rally and to race in Abu Dhabi, but now that it has become the last stage of the WRC World Championship, plans can change. We’ll see”.

Rossi: “Luca made a very bad fall”


French GP, Free Practice: 1st Miller, 12th Rossi, 19th Dovi

Rossi tries to explain the causes of the crash of his brother Luca Marini, who fortunately did not suffer any fractures: “Luca was on the second lap and probably you had to be a little more careful on the left. The left is the weak part, where the rubber has less temperature. Then at that point there was a patch of water… In Moto2 they have very hard tires, in these conditions they have to be very careful. Luca made a very bad fall, he flew very high, but for how it was the bang I would say it went well. As I said, the Moto2 and Moto3 tires are too hard, even with slicks you can do up to 50 laps, in this cold it’s a bit dangerous. I hope they can make them softer. “


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