Val d’Oise. Open water swimming: sixth national title for Claire Six


–>Claire Six (1 juniors 3 over 25 km) won her 6th national title.  La Sarcelloise was the only swimmer to win a medal in each race of the French Open Water Championships.

Claire Six (1re juniors 3 over 25 km) scored his 6e national title. La Sarcelloise was the only swimmer to win a medal in each race of the French Open Water Championships. (©D.R.)

L’open water has a new one Queen.

WhileOcéane Cassignol (double military world champion), Lara Grangeon (qualified for the 10 km Olympics) or Lisa Pou (3e of Euro 2018 in mixed relay) are the most cited French stars in this discipline practiced in lake, sea and river, the name of Claire Six emerges

To the French Championships disputed at Jablines (Seine et Marne), the member ofAAS Sarcelles Swimming 95 (Val d’Oise) was the only female to drop out a medal for each race : l’or over 10 and 25 km and bronze over 5 km in its category juniors 3 (18-19 years) after the silver in the mixed relay all categories.

Superb 25 km

To achieve this feat, the protégé of Magali merino is the competitor who swam the most: 41,250 km covered in 8h53’08, in the space of four days. Impressive. But his greatest achievement was signed, in closing, on the 25 km.

“Despite the rain, the cold and the rough water, I took 20 minutes less than the French Championships last year. I not only won the national title in my category, but I finished 4th in all categories and distance three laps from the finish Madelon Catteau (leading the points classification for these Championships). “

Claire SixOpen water swimmer from Sarcelles Natation 95

By winning the sixth French championship title of her career, Claire Six achieved her goal for the season.

Six out of six

“The prospect of this title has helped me hold out during confinement. During this period, I was doing 15 km to 20 km with a rower every day, a little general physical preparation then 1 to 1 hour 45 minutes of swimming in an inflatable pool. Then, this summer, the course in Font-Romeu allowed me to develop my resistance on twice-daily sessions of 15 km, at altitude. “

Claire Six

Its results contributed to the 3e title of best French club in open water of Sarcelles, which recovered its delay on Lille Metropolis… The club of his younger sister Chloé!

“We took different paths after our debut at Mouscron (Belgium). But there is no rivalry between us, ”concludes Claire Six.


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