The Transport Commissioner informed the High Court that the owner of the tour bus that killed nine people in Vadakancherry was twice warned by the GPS system that he was speeding up. Transport Commissioner S Sreejith, who also holds the position of Commissioner for Road Safety, appeared in court after Judge Devan Ramachandran asked for an explanation on the case taken voluntarily. He also informed the court that he is taking moral responsibility for the incident.

The court was informed of the measures taken for safe travel. 13.7 percent reduction in traffic fatalities in the state thanks to traffic awareness. Traffic rules were also included in the upper secondary school curriculum.
80% of road accidents are caused by careless driving. Drivers continue to be negligent as the owners of the vehicle themselves pay the fine, which can only result in a fine of Rs 5,000 and the suspension of the license for such violation.

The court ordered that strict measures be taken against drivers who do not abide by the rules and orders and circulars should be issued for this. A toll-free number is required to report violations. On the 28th the commissioner must again appear in court.

No action was taken even after reporting speeding

The tourist bus that killed nine people in Vadakancherry Thursday night was traveling at a speed of 97.7 km per hour. The Automotive Department had sent a GPS message to the owner for speeding. But despite the fact that he got the message, the owner didn’t do anything. How can a vehicle with a speed limit of 70 km / h go that fast? It is also recorded by the camera that the bus in the accident was accelerating. The speed lock will be installed correctly during the Automotive Department fitness test. All other criteria will be insured. RTO officials say that after the inspection, most of them are removing the speed lock. With GPS, even if the speed is too fast or the direction is wrong, the message will arrive exactly on the owner’s cell phone. You can know where to go, where to stop and where to turn. On your smartphone, you can also receive various notifications about the condition of the vehicle. But the owners don’t take it seriously. This is what happened to Vadakancheri. From Walayar to Vadakancherry, more than 2,000 violations are reported every day on the national road alone. Even with speed blocks, GPS and cameras all over the road, there is no shortage of accidents.

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