« Vacoas/Phoenix pou vine New York City »

The “itinerant” ambassador to the land of the Arabs likes to flatter himself and does not deprive himself of it. Thus, during the inauguration by the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth of the Flyover Pont Fer, yesterday Saturday, September 18, Showkutally Soodhun, currently in Dubai spoke on his online platform by declaring: “Mo ti ena ene vision to transform Vacoas / Phoenix to New York City.After ki finne ena several developments in constituency number 15, zordi the city Vacoas / Phoenix finne transform ”.

Let us remind everyone that he was a member of the constituency number 15, La Caverne / Vacoas, and minister for more than thirty years. Recall that during the financing of a swimming pool by the United Arab Emirates at a cost of 210 million in Closel, Phoenix; Soodhun said in 2019: “Its la ville la pou vinn en New York City” ….



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