Vaccines and Immunizations Very Important, Society Asked Not to Eat Hoaks – Health experts continue to campaign vaccination or immunization to the wider community. The reason is, immunization is still the most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious and dangerous diseases that have a negative impact on public health.

Although the joint efforts of the Government and various stakeholders continue to be made to ensure that the public is not afraid of being vaccinated, because the vaccine has passed clinical trials and ensures its safety and efficacy, a small proportion of people are still reluctant to be vaccinated and still receive inaccurate information about vaccines.

“In principle, vaccination will make a person immune so that they do not need to go through a sick phase when they are attacked by certain viruses or bacteria. This is certainly different from the body’s natural immunity that appears after a person is attacked by a disease. In this condition, there needs to be a phase of illness first until it is finally healed and immune, ”said the Pediatrician, dr. Endah Citraresmi, Sp.A (K), from the Caring Parents Foundation in a Productive Dialogue with the theme of Active Immunization: Realizing a Better Quality of Life which was held Committee for Handling COVID-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN) written Wednesday (11/25/2020).

Furthermore, dr. Endah urged the public not to easily believe in false information about vaccines and immunizations.

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The safety of the vaccines that have been circulated has been confirmed. Because the vaccine production process has gone through the stages according to safety procedures, starting from pre-clinical trials in animals, followed by three stages of clinical trials in humans, until finally obtaining permission for use from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).

When vaccines are circulating in the community, BPOM and the National Commission for Post-Immunization Follow-Up Events (Komnas KIPI) continue and continue to monitor the vaccine.

As an example of monitoring, the AEFI report from the 2018 phase 1 MR vaccination record shows that very few post-immunization follow-ups are directly related to vaccine administration.

“The AEFI report only 255 out of 35 million doses of vaccine, and it turns out that after being examined only 18 cases were directly related to immunization, the others were accidental,” explained dr. Endah.

dr. Endah said, the most common side events after immunization were minor reactions such as pain and swelling around the injection site. This reaction is natural and can heal in no time. Compared with these mild reactions, the benefits of vaccines are much greater.

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“Serious disease that can lead to disability and death, we make the vaccine. That is why the under-five mortality rate in Indonesia has decreased so much compared to before vaccines were invented. For example in cases of pneumonia in Indonesia, which decreased because the vaccine has been found, and it is a disease that causes the most deaths in children under five, “said dr. Endah.

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