Vaccination plan on the 28th comes out… Elderly people living in medical staff and nursing homes first: Dong-A Science

Vaccination, conducted at 250 national centers and 10,000 consigned medical institutions

Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun visited the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team at the National Medical Science Knowledge Center in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju on the 12th to check the preparation status of the Corona 19 vaccination, and encourage officials. Provided by the Prime Minister’s Office

On the 28th, a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19, Corona 19) vaccination implementation plan will be announced. The current status of the introduction of the Corona 19 vaccine, as well as the target, timing, and method of vaccination will be disclosed in detail. As far as it is known, medical institution workers and elderly people living in nursing hospitals and facilities are being discussed as priority targets. Adult chronic diseases, children and adolescents working in education and childcare facilities, corona19 primary responders, the elderly, adults aged 50 to 64, police, fire officials, soldiers, correctional facilities and treatment center prisoners and staff are also considered for priority vaccination. .

According to the Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters (Bang Dae-bon) on the 24th, the’Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team’, which includes the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and related ministries, will confirm the vaccination implementation plan and officially announce it on the 28th.

Based on the discussions so far, the promotion group plans to specify the priority of those who are recommended for priority vaccination. First of all, it is to decide who will get the vaccine first among those who are considered to be inoculated. The target of the initial volume of 50,000 vaccinations of COVAX Facility (International Vaccine Sharing Project), which is expected to be introduced early next month, is also set.

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It also contains details about the location and method of vaccination. The government has already announced on the 21st that vaccination is being carried out at 250 vaccination centers nationwide and 10,000 outsourced medical institutions. As the storage temperature and transportation method are different depending on the type of vaccine, the policy is to proceed with appropriate vaccination accordingly. Like Pfizer and Modena, mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines that must be kept in a’cryogenic’ state are available at the inoculation center, and other vaccines such as AstraZeneca, which are relatively easy to store, are available at consigned medical institutions.

The vaccination center is expected to inoculate as little as 1,000 people and as many as 3,000 people a day. Of the 150 candidate sites received by local governments by the 20th, 93 indoor gyms, 30 performance and cultural facilities, 12 medical facilities, 10 idle areas, sports grounds and parks, and 5 government offices. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security plans to select the candidate sites together with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and select them earlier this week.

This vaccination plan also contains the progress of reorganization of the Corona 19 vaccination system. Apart from the existing national vaccination system, the government plans to establish an inoculation system exclusively for COVID-19 in stages to make advance reservations and issue vaccination certificates.


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