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Mayor Ludwig: “An important step towards normality”; 11,000 doctors and nurses vaccinated by Monday; Cov tests continue, 100 more contact tracers

Vienna (OTS / RK) “The beginning of the end of the corona pandemic begins here” is written on the vaccination booths in the Vienna trade fair. Here 8,500 resident doctors and their ordination staff, 1,500 mobile nurses and 1,000 paramedics in Vienna’s first Corona vaccination street will receive the first dose of the corona vaccine by Monday. Impfstraße is looked after by the Arbeiter-Samariterbund, the logistics are handled by the Viennese professional fire brigade and Viennese professional rescue services.

House doctors necessary for vaccinations of the population and important as role models, willingness to vaccinate is high – waiting for more vaccine for vaccinations “across the board”

Mayor Michael Ludwig spoke of a “historic event” today, Friday, at the start of the vaccination campaign. In addition to the comprehensive test strategy with a continuous range of tests for the Viennese, the vaccination would now also be added – initially by resident doctors and employees in the nursing and emergency services. “The vaccination is safe and a first step towards normality,” emphasized the city chief. The family doctors are necessary for the further vaccination of the Viennese. In addition, they would serve as a role model and would help to increase vaccination readiness in the population.

City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker spoke of an “unbelievable influx” to the vaccination route for doctors. All available appointments were booked out within 24 hours: “You don’t need to say more about vaccination readiness.” To date, 8,100 residents and staff have been vaccinated in the nursing homes, and 4,300 doctors are already in the current vaccination program in the hospitals been immunized. The aim of the city is to immunize especially those “as well as possible and as quickly as possible” who are responsible for the health care of the Viennese. Hacker said that more vaccine was needed to broaden the range of vaccinations. The city had prepared further plans for vaccination routes, as well as the provision of doctors in private practice with vaccines as soon as possible. Hacker said that there are already plans to convert the “sniff checkboxes” in the districts into vaccination stations.

Vaccination “game changer” in pandemic, praise from the Medical Association for organization

“The City of Vienna recognized early on how important it is to vaccinate health workers,” said Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres. Vaccination is a game changer in the pandemic. He praised the city of Vienna, the Arbeiter-Samariterbund, professional fire brigade and professional rescue team for the construction and operation of the Impfstraße. “Vaccination is the ultimate step in protecting ordinations. Even in a pandemic, people must be able to come to their general practitioners safely and receive treatment, ”said Medical Chamber Vice President Johannes Steinhart. That makes the immunization of the resident doctors possible.

Over 100 more contact tracers for Vienna

In parallel to the vaccinations, the city continues to pursue its test strategy with subsequent contact tracing – i.e. the tracking of infection chains. “When it comes to contact tracing, Vienna is at the top with a clarification rate of 60 percent in a comparison of the federal states,” emphasized Ludwig. The current 650 contact tracers in the city of Vienna will be increased by at least another 100, announced Ludwig. The city of Vienna’s free test offer with test streets and “sniff checkboxes” will also continue to be offered.

Reservation for vaccinations for all Viennese from January 18th

All registered doctors and health workers will be vaccinated at Messe Wien until Monday. The date for the second dose of vaccination will be arranged on site.

From Monday, January 18, all Viennese can also pre-register for a corona vaccination. After registering online at or by phone at 1450, all those willing to be vaccinated will get an appointment. As long as the vaccine is still scarce, the appointments must be ranked according to priority – for example age or corona risk due to previous illnesses.

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