Vaccination against COVID begins for children from 6 months to 5 years in the Big Apple

Max Bookman with his 2-year-old daughter Cara at the Times Square vaccination booth that opened in New York City

Photo: Edwin Martínez / Impremedia

Last week, federal authorities gave the go-ahead to the use of COVID vaccines of the Pharmaceuticals Pfizer and Moderna for children from 6 months to 5 years, and this Wednesday the City of New York officially kicked off the immunization process.

With the opening of a vaccination center en Times Squareequipped with several posts and specialized personnel, began to apply the first doses of the vaccines for the little ones, which are already available throughout the New York City. The plan is to open 10 children’s centers throughout the Big Apple.

In the early hours of the morning, several parents arrived with their children, who declared themselves excited by the access of the little ones to the medicine to protect them. against COVID-19.

One of them was Max Bookmanwho carrying his little girl Cara, 2 and a half years oldmentioned feeling relieved to know that his daughter would receive the vaccine.

“Being able to come out here today and vaccinate our children under 5 years old means we can finally get back to doing some of the normal things that everyone else has been doing for a while,” said the happy father. “She is a brave girl and I know that we are all going to feel calmer with the vaccine“.

Once in the vaccination booth, the little girl and her father received information about the medication, and with great tenderness the nurse applied the first dose to one of her thighs, which after the puncture closed her eyes, but seconds later she clapped along with his parents.

During the opening of the vaccination center, exclusively for children, the New York City Health Commissioner, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, He called on parents and adults responsible for children under 5 years of age to vaccinate their children.

“To parents who have doubts about the COVID vaccine, I tell them that this vaccine is safe and is effective against the transmission and complications of COVID-19,” said the official, who stressed that the best support to know that the doses do not represent risk are the more than 7,310,580 New Yorkers who have at least the first dose put.

“We now have more than 18 months of data to show that these vaccines work, that they are effective, that they save lives, that they prevent hospitalizations and that they prevent the transmission of COVID-19Vasan said.

The official also asked parents who still have doubts about whether or not to vaccinate their little ones, to request information on immunization, in order to clarify doubts and demystify false ideas that have arisen around this drug. against COVID.

“We are here to serve all parents who are hesitant to vaccinate their entire families. In the places where they can take their children and in pediatricians’ offices We have people in all five boroughs ready to answer all kinds of questions that come up. We are here to clarify all doubts and we know that the choices about the health of our children are important”.

Mayor Eric Adams and Health Commissioner, Ashwin Vasan.

vasan added that the health authorities are clear that they must reach out more to the Latino community so that parents take the step forward and vaccinate their little ones, and assured that for this they have launched a campaign with commercials and associations with Spanish-speaking organizations to bring the messages and provide information in Spanish.

The alcalde Eric Adams joined the call and after the inauguration of the vaccination center in Manhattan, he asked the adults of the Big Apple to fulfill the responsibility of immunizing the smallest of the household and urged them to request their appointments, through the page of the city.

“As of today, children 6 months and older are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Put the health of your families first. Make an appointment today at:“, commented the burgomaster.

Where to make an appointment for the vaccine

  • You can request an appointment at this link:
  • You can also call (877)-VAX-4NYC
  • You can call 311 to find the nearest children’s vaccination post

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