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Know the days when there are fewer people in the vaccination centers.

Since the beginning of Vaccination Plan 9/100, on Monday, May 31, a smaller influx of citizens to inoculate themselves against the COVID-19 on weekends, mainly on Sundays, days in which up to a third of the number of immunized people on an ordinary day has reached a maximum, despite the fact that on Saturdays and Sundays all the people (laggards) who They could not attend between Monday and Friday only of the current week, as announced by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

While Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in each of the last four weeks have been the days with the highest application of total doses, with 287,443, 333,900 and 317,952, respectively.

Today marks four weeks of the plan that plans to vaccinate 9 million people in 100 days, that is, until September 7, and according to the report of the vaccinometer administered by the MSP, until Friday 25 they had been applied 2′643.327 first doses and 1′300.929 second doses, including those that were left in the government of Lenín Moreno (1′536.255 of the first and 540.835 of the second dose, according to provisional figures that are still adjusted, as can be seen in the vaccinometer presented each day).

Figures from the vaccinometer with cut-off as of June 25.

Of the 1′867.166 total doses applied since May 25 in the government of Guillermo Lasso, which today celebrates its first 34 days, 1′641.054 until last Friday corresponded to vaccines of the Plan 9/100 (1′053.700 of the first and 587.354 of the second dose) that began on May 31, with an average of 63,117 vaccinations administered per day.

Until June 25, the first vaccination of 2′643.327 people (1′536.255 in the government of Lenín Moreno and 1′107.072 in Guillermo Lasso’s). The age range that has received the most vaccines so far is that of 65 and over, with 1′037.661 doses, followed by those between 16 and 49 years, with 847.755 doses, and finally there are those in between 50 and 64 years, with 757.911.

For the first time, he has been vaccinated with the BNT162b2 vaccine from Pfizer a 757.287 citizens, with the Recombinant ChAdOx1-S of AstraZeneca a 876.249 people and with the CoronaVac of Sinovac a 1′009.791.

Of those 2′643.327 people immunized for the first time, the second dose had already been given to 1′300.929 Until last Friday and it was pending that they receive the second dose, according to the planned schedule: 123.496 people with that of Pfizer, 669.286 with that of AstraZeneca Y 549.616 with that of Sinovac.

Figures from the vaccinometer until June 25.

Days with more and less vaccinated

There are days of the week when vaccination within the Plan 9/100 It could be considered very welcoming or an influx of people to the various inoculation centers and others in which they are not.

In the first case, of a lot of influx or a possible minor absenteeism, there are the days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with averages of between 71,861 and 83,475 people who manage to get vaccinated per day; while in the remaining four days of each week, the amount of immunized low in some cases, such as days sundays, until reaching only a third of the highest daily figure of that week; this is the It him Sunday average within the 9/100 Plan has not yet exceeded the 27,288 vaccinatedAlthough there are some cities in which fewer inoculation centers operate on Sundays than on other days of the week.

According to provisional figures from the vaccinometer, which the MSP updates every day, the Sunday June 20 was when fewer vaccinations were applied, with only 15.707 (11,993 of the first and 3,714 of the second dose). The age range that received the most doses that day was between 16 and 49 years (7,514), followed by those between 50 and 64 years (5,977), and those aged 65 and over (2,216).

Vaccination meter figures as of June 25.

The province where he was most immunized against COVID-19 on that occasion was Pichincha, with 3,692 doses (23.51% of the total vaccines on that day), followed by Guayas, with 2,128 (13.55%).

The other two Sundays with low figures since the beginning of Plan 9/100 were the June 6th, with 29.895 dose and the June 13th, with 36.262. It should be noted that for the days sundays the group that can be vaccinated with first dose is that of the laggards or people who within the current week could not attend in a timely manner and those who should receive the second dose of any of the three pharmaceutical companies, which have been previously summoned and which appear in the schedule.

In the case of people who have a disability greater than 50% or who suffer from aggravating illnesses The schedule established for the next few weeks by the MSP is as follows:

For this week and particularly for this Sunday, the people who had to attend to receive the second dose were that of this schedule:

In the government of Lenín Moreno, within the Get vaccinated plan, the Sunday that more vaccinations were applied was the may 23, with 87.174 doses (79,634 of the first and 7,540 of the second), according to the vaccine meter, although on the Sundays prior to that date the same thing happened as now, a possible low attendance and few doses applied, with a maximum of people vaccinated that came to 38.742 (38,180 of the first and 562 doses of the second) on Sunday May 2.

That sunday may 23 It is so far the third day with more vaccines applied, with 87.174, behind Thursday June 17, with 99.726 doses (56,055 of the first and 43,671 of the second), and Wednesday June 16, with 91.237 (58,525 of the first and 32,712 of the second dose), according to provisional figures from the vaccinometer.

Vaccine meter report until June 25.

Another day with the lowest attendance to be vaccinated at the national level is the Saturday, with a average of 47,489 people, which, however, represents just a little more than half of those who are going to be immunized on ordinary days. It should be remembered that for the days Saturdays are summoned, for the application of the first dose, people of a certain age and with a specific ending in their identification number (in this case the odd digit), in addition to those who are lagging behind the current week, both from the regular schedule by age, and those who have an aggravating disease that are within the age range previously established for that week that they have not been able to attend in a timely manner. And for the second dose It is called on Saturdays, according to the type of vaccine and according to the date when the first immunization was applied.

Every week the vaccination attendance has gone from less to more on ordinary days. Starting the Monday with a average Diary of 58.937 dose; the Tuesday, from 60.420; the Wednesday, from 71.861; the Thursday, from 83.475; and the Friday something starts to go down, with 79.488, having as we mentioned the Saturdays and Sundays Like the ones of less influx to immunization.

Table prepared based on provisional figures from the vaccinometer with cut-off as of June 25.

In the Plan 9/100 the day with more doses applied it was thursday June 17, with 99.726 (56,055 of the first and 43,671 of the second). On that occasion, he was immunized 46.402 people from among 50 and 64 years, 36,634 of them for the first time and 9,768 with the reinforcement. Those in between 16 and 49 years received 28.884 vaccines and those of 65 years and older, 24.440. On Pichincha they were vaccinated 20.934 citizens (10,422 with the first and 10,512 with the second dose); he followed Guayas, where they received the immunization 20.393 people (14,488 for the first time and 5,905 with the reinforcement). Among the other 22 provinces, the remaining 58,399 doses were applied that day. (I)

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