Vaccinated person must know that he can pass on coronavirus, says doctor

“Many people who are fully vaccinated do not realize that they can have the coronavirus and are contagious.” The doctor-microbiologist calls this “a potential silent engine of outbreaks”, because vaccinated people thus unknowingly contract and pass on the coronavirus. With this, the doctor-microbiologist confirms reporting in the Volkskrant.

According to Wertheim, awareness among vaccinees is therefore important and more attention should be paid to this possible risk. This can be done, among other things, by including vaccinated people in Testing for Access, says Wertheim. Or by ensuring that vaccinees who have complaints are tested.


The fact that the virus can also spread among vaccinated people is shown, among other things, by data from tested Radboudumc employees. At least 34 fully vaccinated employees have become infected, especially in the private sphere, including Wertheim himself. “This is in a hospital. If we see it here, it can only be bigger in society.” None of the tested employees has caused an infection in the hospital.

According to Wertheim, it is now mainly about making people aware that vaccinated people can still contract and spread the coronavirus. Vaccines do help to prevent people from getting very sick. It is therefore important to ensure that everyone is vaccinated quickly, especially the vulnerable who have not yet been vaccinated. “Imagine that a person vaccinated with the coronavirus comes to a party in a neighborhood where the vaccination rate is low. If such a person passes on the virus, many vulnerable people in a neighborhood can become very ill.”



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