Vaccinated people will be able to welcome 2022 at Time Square

Mayor Bill de Blasio, has announced that the New Year’s celebration in el Time Square will be held this year, the welcome to 2022 it is a fact after going through the health crisis due to the Covid-19 for two years than for festivities and activities.

People who have all their vaccines will be able party in Tima Square.

“Yes, we are proud to announce that Times Square, the wonderful celebration in Times Square, the fall of the ball, everything, will return in full force as we love it,” de Blasio said in a virtual press conference. “Hundreds of thousands of people there to celebrate. We can finally get back together. It’s going to be amazing. “

Children from 5 years old must share a voucher full vaccination, so said the president of the Times Square Allience; On the other hand, people who have a disability and cannot be vaccinated must present a Covid-19 test negative.

It is 2021 thanks to vaccines, public celebrations such as economic activity has been activated, so in 2022 more celebrations can be experienced as normal.

With AP information.

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