Vaccinated folk singer caught coronavirus and canceled a concert – ᐉ News from – Curious

The coronavirus is once again rampant in our country, and the new cases show an increasing peak, ready to reach the values ​​of the heaviest wave so far. Hospitals are full and positive cases are on the rise. New and stricter measures are also envisaged.

It seems that the infection may have affected another chalga singer, who has managed to survive so far. The most shocking thing in this case is that the singer has been vaccinated.

“Dear friends, I feel a little unwell, I do not want to take risks, so on Friday my participation in Pirdop will be canceled. I will be replaced by my colleague Dimana. I am sure you will have fun,” Sonia Nemska wrote on her Facebook profile.

The Blitz show writes that the singer has all the symptoms of COVID-19 and has shown the wisdom to stay at home instead of going to collect her fees and infect a bunch of people. She deserves to be cited as a good example in society. If there were more conscientious citizens, the pandemic would not have killed victims with such force.

It is interesting that the singer was recently vaccinated. Then she told Blitz that she had chosen to be immunized with Moderna. In the coming days we will find out what Sonia’s condition is and whether she really caught the insidious virus.


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