“V75 Winner: The Top Horse and Best Bet for Success”

Sportbladet’s Early V75 thought: Korhonen’s tips, squeals and counter bids for V75 in Åby, Saturday, April 1

Per Nordström and Kentucky River are nailed on V75 in Åby.

This Saturday, V75 runs in Åby on April 1.

Here is Sportbladet’s Early V75 thought with Micke Korhonen.

You get:

The tips

The counter and shrill bids

Ranking race by race

Best nails and ratchets

Early V75 system

ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can rely on the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

Micke Korhonen’s V75 tips:

The spikes of the round

6 Dear Friend (V75-3) ended up far behind on Saturday and should have had no chance in the sprint. Instead, she rushed forward at supersonic speed and impressed little by little. Tougher opposition this week but we have run the race in the bathtub and there she is sitting behind the leader. The gap then comes on the open stretch and she decides via a smoking finish. Or at least we hope so and nail it.

Best winner is though 1 Kentucky River (V75-5). This is about a top horse that dazzled us during the Elite race weekend last spring. He followed up that top effort with several five-star performances. The result line is misleading and even if it is now about the debut of the year, we find it difficult to see anyone in this starting field scratching him.

Three best rattlers

8 Ture L.A. (V75-1) is a very good finisher that rattles when you least expect it. He has an interesting sneak mode now and might find the back leader with a little flap. Once the hatch is on the open stretch, Ture learns to fly low. He thrives like a fish in Åby and the opposition doesn’t look like it will be too bloody this weekend. Could be an unpleasant surprise for the players.

11 Smile Silvio (V75-2) has already tried his luck on the V75 on one occasion and was then more than legitimately weak. Most recently, however, he finished the last half-lap in 10-pace and that’s how we remember him from previous victories. This is a talent that may be a little forgotten from a boring situation, as well as the fact that the boss chose Cocky In? Smile steps into the picture with the smallest of flaps.

3 Keystone Cash (V75-7) had to go a real long sprint on V75 last time and approached the race down. He has his strongest bit over the race but is actually not a Skalman from the start either. It will be a good position in any case and despite tough opposition, he should be fit.

Early V75 system

Avd 1: 6–1–2–8–4 (10–11)

Avd 2: 2–1–12–11–5–4–3 (7–10)

Avd 3: 6 Dear Friend (1–5)

Avd 4: 1–6–5–10 (4–7)

Avd 5: 1 Kentucky River (2–5)

Avd 6: 10–13–11–7 (4–15)

Avd 7: 6–10–3–4 (2–5)

2,240 rows/DKK 1,120

The DD system

DD-1: 10–13–11–7

DD-2: 6 Lozano di Quattro

4 rader

ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can rely on the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

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Bottom’s Idol fooled himself before the start last Saturday and was gone straight away. Before that, he has shown good form for a long time and gets the nod in this not too tough bronze attempt. He has tested running tracks on one occasion, but then the driver missed completely. However, Bottnas Idol has opened well from other tracks in the volt start and should he reach the lead, the race feels more or less over. At the opening wing, it immediately looks wide open.


Red Hot Roadster looked great before the races at Momarken last time but ended up on the outside of the leader and couldn’t make it through the race. Peak mode now and can become elusive. King of Greenwood finished positively from difficult position last time and is approaching great form. Ture L.A. is extremely fast. Back the leader and free on the open stretch? Jello W. can “everything” sometimes.

Horrible bid

Magpie BR rarely does a bad race. Fits carefully.

Top bid

Red Hot Roadster trying to answer Bottom’s Idol.

Our ranking

6 Bottna’s Idol

1 Red Hot Roadster

2 King of Greenwood

8 Ture L.A.

4 Jello W.

10 Magpie BR

11 Yuvraj

12 Indigo

9 Draupner

7 Västerbo Imtheman

5 Black in Black

3 Pappajonnys Ilse



High-class and game-friendly. The tip to Rapid Pal which from track two should be seen with a good chance of reaching tip. In that position, he is still undefeated after two attempts. Last time, Rapid Pal made a comeback after a throat infection but galloped wildly at the start. It was a shame as we didn’t get to see how he would fit around barefoot. Good chance if the shape is in. Imaginable chance spike.


Nyras Lars R. chasing the third straight victory and is good for the class. The last time he had an inside track behind the car, however, it was a good start. With a bit of flak, however, he finds the back of the leader here. Kaxig In was last out against significantly tougher opposition than what awaits on Saturday but then galloped with reserve. Smile Silvio was pale on V75 three starts ago but great last time.

Horrible bid

Many could fit into the horror category. Walk of Life gets to meet top driver Adielsson.

Top bid

Rapid Pal should have reasonable tip chance flawless.

Our ranking

2 Rapid Pal

1 Nyras Lars R.

12 Kaxig In

11 Smile Silvio

5 Bohemians

4 Walk of Life

3 Alessio

7 Humanity Pellini

10 Fairplay

8 Balzano da Quattro

9 Fosbury Zet

6 Last Joke



The Paralympic trot’s first competition was open to twelve participants. Only eight felt called to accept the challenge and as a thank you all go home with at least six thousand kroner. The tip to Dear Friend who was out as late as last Saturday and then she finished like a jehu from a difficult starting position. Of course, the opposition is much tougher now, but as we have read in the race, there should be excellent opportunities for her to find the back of the leader. And in Åby, of course, the gap on the open stretch appears. There are some question marks for the worst competitors, the same does not apply to Dear Friend who is in great shape. Molded tip.

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Night Brodde did not manage to hold the lead from the inside track in his first four attempts, but since then there has been no talk. 13 of his 16 victories on Swedish soil have been taken from the front and last year he both qualified for the final of the Elitloppet, as well as finishing third in the Paralympic race (behind Who’s Who and Extreme). Now it’s about a comeback after a long break (form?) but he has won at the last two starts after a longer break. However, last year finished in the minors and he was beaten by either Dear Friend or Rackham in his last four starts.

Rackham possesses soaring capacity and recently made a comeback in half-lukewarm V86 company. He then had to go for a scratch in the third track during the final lap but was severely stripped by Harran Boko during the run. Race in the body now and normally he will do fine.

Cicero TG sparred with superstar San Moteur on a few occasions last year and certainly didn’t embarrass himself. Year debut on Saturday and may need the race.

Horrible bid

Emoji lives on its fine strength and crushes many during the final lap. He played with the opposition last time.

Top bid

Night Brodde is lightning fast to start and the same applies Dear Friend. Distribute it earlier.

Our ranking

6 Dear Friend

1 Night Brodde

5 Rackham

7 Cicero TG

8 Emoji

3 Beartimes

2 Vagabond Bi

4 Sahara Peyote

ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can rely on the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]



Woodbury Wine has taken the lead on six occasions and won five, so the tactics seem to be crystal clear. Even if the driver misses the point, the gap will appear on the open stretch. Last time she was delicious right from the tip and was tipped despite tougher opposition.


Green Mamba was out against Dear Friend & Co last Saturday and looked super charged as she frantically looked for a gap over the run. It is true that she has never finished better than fifth in seven attempts over a short distance, but as good as she was last time, that statistic will improve this weekend. Also, the resistance is much easier now than last time. Nina Ginto she has no major merits over 1,640 meters either, but now meets easier opposition than usual. Can crush everything during the final turn.

Horrible bid

Classy Knox has the least amount of money in the account of all participants. Most recently, she was tested barefoot all around for the first time and looked terribly charged. Watch out!

Top bid

Several starting cannons. Small advantage Woodbury Wine.

Our ranking

1 Woodbury Wine

6 Green Mamba

5 Nina Ginto

10 Classy Knox

4 Tour Eiffel

7 Special Topmodel

3 Mission Beach

2 Perfecttric

9 Madame of Djupmyra

11 Readly’s Dream

12 Nymke Brigadoon

8 Special Top Secret



Kentucky River comes from a successful last year which, among other things, resulted in a Derby final place. There, however, he had a tough race and fell silent. On Saturday, Per Nordström’s super talent makes a highly interesting annual debut and he probably could not have found a more suitable task. Kentucky is admittedly not a starting cannon, but certainly fast enough to have a reasonable chance at the top. In that position, he is four out of five. In his only loss, he faced a unique man named Francesco Zet. Saturday’s opposition doesn’t cause any scare hiccups and we nail it.

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Arvid S.H. thrives excellently in the lead (last win was taken precisely from that position) and the driver learns to charge. There is nothing wrong with the shape and Arvid appears in the target photo. Romero looked extremely charged last time. Nearest mourner on Saturday? Wish Me Magic is raffled off.

Horrible bid

It is always dangerous to be nonchalant Behind Bars.

Top bid

We are totally into that Kentucky River lace.

Our ranking

1 Kentucky River

2 Arvid S.H.

5 Romero

12 Wish Me Magic

11 Behind Bars

4 Memory of Inverne

3 Tabasco C.D.

8 Shapes

9 Full of Muscles

7 Reddington

10 Randemar R.D.

6 All Star



Beauty Smart Face chasing fourth straight. She is a talent and gets the tip.


Global Collection is a top mare. She hasn’t been working lately though. The shape? Kit Crown and Oh well is good for the class.

Horrible bid

Pam Trot with Juice!

Top bid

Difficult to judge. Queen? However, she learns to let go.

Our ranking

10 Beauty Smart Face

13 Global Collection

11 Kit Crown

7 Pam Trot

4 Well

15 Precious Lane

3 Queen

12 Special Chance

2 Easy Star

8 Brilliant Minds

6 Waytocashflow

9 O’Hara

5 Broccoli Bell

14 Electrical A.

1 Rizzi Brodda



Cool race! Lozano di Quattro was responsible for several fine efforts against the country’s best four-year-olds last year. We remember, among other things, the rocket sprint behind Elitloppsaktuelle Iznogoud Am three starts ago. In the debut of the year, he decided for sure in the sprint and looked to have wintered in the best way. The situation now is a bit far behind the wing, but we are confident that the driver can find his way to the top. There, Lozano is undefeated after three attempts. Good chance and tip given.


Leroy Boko is a real shooter and fundamentally perhaps an even sharper horse than our tipsetta. He made a comeback last time and there were horses in the way most of the race. Now Conrad takes the lead for the first time and despite the situation, Leroy is the worst against it. Keystone Cash is a tough guy who is both fast from the start and strong to the end. Friend of Elves tested with new balance and sulky!

Horrible bid

The Vego Khalifa racing barefoot around now.

Top bid

Gut tells Kövras Joker and drop to No. 6.

Our ranking

6 Lozano di Quattro

10 Leroy Boko

3 Keystone Cash

4 Friend of Elves

2 The Vego Khalifa

5 Kövras Joker

8 Longgone River

1 Wingait Leif

7 These Palms

11 Phoenix Carriage

12 M.T.Reed

9 First One Diamond

ADVERTISEMENT: V75 on Saturday. Here you can rely on the “Sportbladets Tidiga V75-tanke” system. Game stop: 16.20. [Extern länk]

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