Uznach SG – 10-year-old child touched by tractor trailer and seriously injured

On Thursday (June 25th, 2020), shortly before 1:30 p.m., a 10-year-old boy was touched by a tractor trailer on Bühlstrasse. Then he fell a few meters down a steep meadow board. The boy had to be flown from Rega to the hospital rather seriously injured.

The 10-year-old walked down Bühlstrasse with two schoolmates. At the same time, a 50-year-old man drove his tractor with an agricultural trailer up Bühlstrasse.

The three children went into the meadow to let the tractor pass. The 10-year-old should have stepped backwards onto the street and was touched by a wheel on the trailer.

Then he fell a few meters down the steeply falling meadow shelf and stayed there. The boy was injured rather badly and was flown from Rega to the hospital after the first care by the ambulance service with an emergency doctor.

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