UZ Leuven, the first Belgian hospital to use the new ultra-precise CT-scanner

The Leuven University Hospital (UZ Leuven) commissioned a CT scan on Friday, a unique x-ray machine in Belgium, he announced in a press release. Developed by Siemens, it offers an image sharpness 50% higher than current technologies thanks to the use of photons, constituent particles of light and electromagnetic waves.

The scanner produces a detailed 3D image using a computer which brings together the various shots taken.

More detailed human body structures

On the one hand, the CT scan can be used for screening and monitoring a large number of patients and infections. “This new scanner allows us to examine the structures of the human body in more detail”, explains the head of the Radiology department at UZ Leuven, Professor Chantal Van Ongeval.

The new ICT scanner in the new operating room at UZ Leuven hospital, – Belga

“Think of the small bronchi in the lungs, the walls of blood vessels or small cancers. An excellent example of this is bone fractures. We can already get a picture of a broken bone. What we want to know, however, is the state of this broken bone in order to determine which treatment is best suited, ”she explains.

On the other hand, the photon counting scanner reduces by 30% the dose of radiation necessary to obtain good image quality and the exposure time to the rays only lasts a few seconds. A breakthrough that will allow at-risk patients, such as children, to benefit from it. Only 25 hospitals worldwide currently have a CT scan.



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