Utrecht apartment house closed for fear of another attack | Inland

The explosion caused extensive damage, but no one was injured. Several homes in the flat were evacuated.

The investigation into the explosion is still in full swing, says Van Hooijdonk. “On the basis of current information and insights, the triangle is of the opinion that it cannot be sufficiently ruled out that a targeted action will take place again. After coordination with the triangle, this is reason for me to immediately close a specific home in the building for a period of three months,” said the deputy mayor.

“I cannot give you detailed information about the precise information on which I am basing this decision. I can tell you that this is related to the likelihood that the action was directed against a resident known to the police and the judiciary. Without this measure, I fear that the house could again become the target of violent action, resulting in risks not only for the residents, but also for neighbors and bystanders.”

Suspect arrested

The police arrested a 26-year-old man from Utrecht on Tuesday on suspicion of possible involvement in the explosion. This man was sent away on Thursday. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) could not say Friday evening whether the man is still a suspect in the case.

Shortly after the explosion, police said they suspected it was a “deliberate action”. Witnesses saw someone running away from the flat in the Kanaleneiland district of Utrecht after the bang around 02:30 on Monday. For the police investigation that led to the arrest, among other things, camera images were viewed and trace evidence was carried out.


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