Utkin: Semin always thinks about himself, you do not need to compare him with Ferguson – Premier League news – Football

“I think that Yuri Pavlovich will not go far. Will wait and hope for the failures of his successor. Who knows, maybe Syomin will be called to Lokomotiv again. Sooner or later, this situation will arise.

They say that Semin is Russian Alex Ferguson. But this is a deeply mistaken comparison. Everything Ferguson did was subordinate to the success of the club. And we know that Ferguson took a very long time to leave Manchester United and for a long time chose the moment so that the club would not have any problems. The departure of Semin from Lokomotiv is always a problem. Always stress. Yuri Pavlovich always thinks of himself. I will not say that this is bad, just to compare with Ferguson it is not necessary.

Ferguson was looking for a successor for a long time. Semin was never preoccupied with finding a follower. This is not my reasoning, life has shown it, “Utkin said on his YouTube channel.

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