Utah, between Monument Valley and the Mormon religion

Head to the mythical West, that of westerns, and incredible parks like Bryce Canyon. With its three million inhabitants, Utah is one of the least populated regions in the country, albeit Monument Valley, immortalized by The fantastic ride with John Wayne, and located on the border with Arizona, is one of the most striking American symbols.

Utah is also an inseparable state from Mormon history. The book of mormon, luck of Third Testament, establishes the idea that the American people are chosen by God. After passing through Illinois, they melt at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, on the edge of Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, The current capital of Utah is also the world headquarters of the Mormon Church, which has 16 million followers worldwide.

Between them, Mitt Romney, one of the American political figures of recent years, whose notoriety began with the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002, before representing the Republican Party, in front of Barack Obama in 2012, during the American presidential elections. Since then, Mitt Romney has become a staunch opponent of Donald Trump, not hesitating to criticize the behavior of Americans in the face of immigration or global warming.

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