Ussy Sulistiawaty Invites Children to Gather with Ex-Husband’s Family


Ussy Sulistiawaty been in the spotlight recently. This is because of the posts on his Instagram. In his Instagram post, Ussy Sulistiawaty shared a rare moment of togetherness.

Ussy Sulistiawaty invites her children to gather together with the family of her ex-husband who currently serves as Governor of Central Kalimantan, Sugianto Sabran.

In his speech, Ussy Sulistiawaty said that the plan to get together with her ex-husband’s family had been planned in advance.



“Thank God, yesterday I and the crew arrived at Grandma’s house at Base Bun, this plan has been planned for a long time as a school holiday filler after traveling from Malang, Bali, Singapore, Bali again, and now here,” said Ussy. Sulistiawaty on her Instagram.

Ussy Sulistiawaty said that although they were no longer husband and wife, he emphasized the importance of friendship.


“A lot of people have DM me asking if this is a family home or not.. yesss darling here is also a big family house.. the family will still be family even though there is a broken paper link, but brotherly relations will always be there at any time,” he explained again.

Unfortunately on that occasion, Andhika Pratama did not participate. He must complete the work that has become his responsibility.

“Several years ago, there was a full team with Pupuw too, but this time it’s a shame that Pupuw can’t join because there is a work schedule that he can’t skip, so hopefully this will be the answer for all DM2 who are curious, hehehe,” he said again.

Ussy Sulistiawaty said she was very lucky because her children had three grandmothers and three grandfathers.

“My children are lucky to have 3 grandmothers and 3 grandfathers, although now it’s incomplete because the grandfather who was here was gone 1.5 years ago. So yesterday afternoon we went to #sungaiarutpangkalanbun, one of the tourist attractions here.. so that Krucils still know the area of ​​their ancestors. How about today? Do you have any ideas? Friends who are staying here, maybe they can provide input?” the lid.

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