USSR attack on Germany: documents refuting this version presented

Photo reporter Anatoly Garanin. In the photo: a tank regiment before being sent to the front. Moscow, June 1941.

Documents from the Central Archives allegedly debunk the main myth of the Second World War. The USSR did not want to attack Germany, say Russian historians.

In Russia, documents were presented that allegedly refute the version that the Soviet Union planned to attack Germany. In the USSR, supposedly, on the contrary, they were preparing to repel the invasion of the Wehrmacht troops, writes RIA Novosti.

The documents of the General Staff of the Red Army of the USSR from the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense, dated in the spring of 1941, were shown in Moscow at a meeting of the Russian Historical Society.

Among the documents presented are the Scheme for the Deployment of the Strategic Forces of the USSR and the Scheme of the Correlation of Forces (an appendix to the memorandum of the USSR People’s Commissar of Defense Semyon Timoshenko and Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army Georgy Zhukov to Joseph Stalin with considerations on the plan for the strategic deployment of troops in case of war with Germany and its allies on May 15 1941).

According to Sergei Kudryashov, a researcher at the German Historical Institute in Moscow, the diagram of the balance of forces indicates that the Soviet General Staff five weeks before the start of the war correctly predicted that the Nazis would deliver the main strikes against the USSR by three groups of armies – North, Center, South, and Finland will allegedly strike in the direction of Leningrad.

“If you compare the diagram of the balance of forces with the map of the Barbarossa plan, you will see that they are very close. This suggests that the professional level of our General Staff was very high, its senior officers correctly understood the situation and worked efficiently,” Kudryashov said.

The main meaning of the USSR Strategic Forces Deployment Scheme is the Red Army’s opposition to the Nazis, provided that the war has already begun.

“Let me emphasize: we are not talking about plans for an attack by the USSR on Germany. The deployment scheme” assumes that Germany has invaded the territory of the USSR, the war is already underway, and shows how the Red Army will act in response, “Kudryashov said.

The historian added that this is “a limited military operation in the initial period of the war” and that “there are no arrows stretched to Europe to conquer it.”

At the same time, the plans of the Soviet Union for defense were thwarted due to the fact that the General Staff could not foresee that, in particular, in the western direction, the Red Army would not withstand the main attack of the Nazis.

We will remind the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin forbade equalizing the role of the USSR and Germany in the war… Amendments were also made to the laws on perpetuating the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and on countering extremist activities.

On the eve it became known that the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry accused Putin of rewriting history… In his article on World War II, Putin is trying to present the Soviet Union exclusively as a victim, the Polish minister said.

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