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Don’t worry, it’s not always obligatory to have a diploma or degree in a certain field to get a stable and well-paid job. This is the case with Uss-Express. The company is going to increase its staff of remote workers. So, it’s looking for American residents who will be able to execute the functions of a quality control manager remotely.

Thanks to this review, you don’t need to start learning more about this employer on your own. We did this for you. We collected all the necessary information that might be interesting to potential candidates for this packing job at home. Keep reading and we will try to answer all your questions about this position and the employment conditions in Uss-Express.

What are likes and dislikes?

Have you ever worked on shipping jobs from home? If your answer is “no”, that’s not a big deal – a quality manager position in Uss-Express is one of the best packing jobs from home to get familiar with the international shipping industry. Here are the things quality managers of Uss-Express like and don’t like about the employment conditions. 


  • Uss-Express pays quality managers more than other industry participants – from $1,700 up to $3,200 per month, depending on the type of employment and working hours; 
  • working hours are quite flexible when you work from home shipping packages;
  • Uss-Express never delays payments to its staff – salaries are paid once in two weeks;
  • you don’t need to look for Uss-Express warehouses in your city to work here;
  • qualifications and background experience aren’t obligatory.
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  • all goods will be stored in your home, which might be inconvenient if there are a lot of parcels;
  • it’s difficult to get a promotion.

Duties as a quality manager

Home jobs are often exhausting for people without experience. Even though you work in very convenient conditions, as time working hours pass, it becomes difficult to manage the flow of packages. 

Nonetheless, this vacancy is still a very good option for beginners in the industry. Unlike with other job opportunities, here you don’t need to complete special educational programs or courses. The duties aren’t very complicated, you just need to be attentive to correspond to the clients’ requirements. Your functions will be the following:

  • check the quality of inventory;
  • track shipments;
  • choose packing;
  • process packages;
  • reports to your management.

What do verified reviewers say about the company?

The company can be considered a good employer only if it manages to meet all the stated guarantees. To understand whether Uss-Express is a good provider of the quality manager vacancy, we studied testimonials of employees from different regions. To make the selection as wide as possible, we entered different review platforms, including Glassdoor, Indeed, BBB, Trustpilot, Ambitionbox, and many others. Verified reviewers say more positive things about the company. Here is an average testimonial of the Uss-Express staff member: 

“This company isn’t much different from the ones I worked at. All I can say is that I like the financial side of working here. The only thing I don’t like is the number of orders – sometimes it’s quite challenging to cope with them all. But in general, I like the job.” – a quality manager from the US on Indeed.

Do this to be employed by Uss-Express

“My job interviewer was very friendly) Now I’ve been working with them for 6 months and there’s nothing I can complain about.” – David Mitchell on Trustpilot.

In this testimonial, David said that he liked the job interview. To be offered to take it, he just needed to leave his contact information in the special applicant form on the website of Uss-Express. You can do just the same! We think, such a job opportunity is worth applying for in today’s conditions.

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