Using a secret code to get 30GB of Telkomsel internet quota, bikers must know how to activate it

MOTOR – Wear it secret code can get internet quota Telkomsel up to 30 Gb, bikers must know how to activate it.

Cheap internet from Telkomsel many options use a secret dial code.

There are several dial codes to get packages internet quota with various capacities.

For Card users Telkomsel who was expecting the package internet quota cheap there are easy ways that can be tried.

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Moreover, the PSBB was extended and bikers had to work from home (WFH), requiring a large amount of internet quota.

This easy way by using a number of dial codes.

The unique thing is that it does not only apply to one type of Telkomsel card, but it applies to all types.

Using this dial code will provide many choices of internet needs, especially for cheap internet packages.

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