User data for half a billion Facebook accounts ends up on the web

Many cloud-based services and social media require users to share certain information, where name, phone number and email address are common. In the wrong hands, unfortunately, such data can be used for fraud and so-called phishing, and now it appears that 533 million Facebook users should be a little extra vigilant in the future.

Not reports Business Insider namely that just over half a billion registered names with associated telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, biographies and place information have been published on the web. It is Alon Gal, technology developer at the security company Hudson Rock, who highlights the problem via Twitter. He announces that the nutritious database has been published on a forum for hackers and that a total of 1.1 million Swedish accounts are affected.

Gal believes that the data has been available at least since January this year, when an automatic sales function for information connected to millions of Facebook users opened the gates. However, a representative from Facebook informs Business Insider that the vulnerability used to retrieve the extensive amount of data has been remedied since 2019. Although the now freely available database has three years on its neck, many of the information is probably still relevant.

Unlike some previous large-scale intrusions by malicious attackers, no passwords have gone astray, but personal information can be used to create more compelling emails or text messages with the intent to deceive. Gal believes that Facebook should warn users phishing, but that unfortunately there is not much else that the company can do about it at present.

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