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User Claims Don’t Need Additional Cases, Nokia Will Launch Tough Phones


A powerful Nokia phone that doesn’t need an extra case.

Jakarta (Riauneews.com) – Nokia will launch a mobile phone that is called a ‘tough’ device that does not need an additional casing.

This was conveyed by the company through an upload on Twitter accompanied by the form of the Nokia X20. From the post it is implied that Nokia will launch a sturdy smart phone. The launch may take place on July 27, 2021.

“Coming soon 27.07.2021,” wrote Nokia via Twitter account (13/10/2021).

The body of the phone says, with our latest Nokia phones, you don’t need an extra case.

GSMarena explained that the phone casing that was revealed was made of plastic. However, the company in its post did not provide details regarding the specifications.

A number of reports say that the phone in question is the Nokia XR20. While other allegations that the Nokia XR20 will be as tough as the Nokia 800 Tough.

In previous information, the XR20 was seen in the Gekbench list with leaked specifications for the Snapdragon 480 chipset and 4GB of RAM like the X10 and X20.

Meanwhile Jack Lo from Blogjack claims that the phone will have a different back design from the Nokia X20. This phone will also be something new because most Nokia phones have a circular camera module, but have ZEISS brand optics, as quoted by Nokia Mob.

It is also mentioned that the Nokia C30 and Nokia 6310 will launch sooner. As is known the company has launched a number of new devices since last month. That’s why it’s not clear whether all new Nokia-branded phones will launch on the same day.***

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