Used to make soft drinks, Coca-cola is attracted to producing smartphones – The “sweetness” of business smartphone now it seems tempting for Coca-cola to get involved in making a similar device. Yes, you read that right, Coca-cola is rumored to want to create smartphone alone.

Decades of fame as a maker of fizzy drinks, Coca-cola seems to be making smartphone new. It starts with a leak gadget leaker famous, Ice Universe.

Reportedly, the company will partner with the brand smartphone another for their first Cola Phone. However, it was unclear who the Coke brand would partner in its efforts to create smartphone.

Although it is still not clear with whom the manufacturer soft drink this will work together, many say that to make this wish come true, Coca-cola will partner with Realme.

Handset this is probably the rebranded Realme 10 Pro, which is a mid-range phone. It also features a 6.7-inch 120Hz IPS LCD display with chipset The Snapdragon 695, comes in 6/8/12GB RAM variants, and sports a 108 megapixel main shooter and a 5,000 mAh battery.

Quoted from GizchinaThursday (26/1) the same thing was also conveyed by tipster technology Mukul Sharma recently shared a render image, showing smartphone with brand Coca-cola. He himself said that smartphone This is the result of a collaboration between brand soft drink leading it with the brand smartphone.

Sharma did not mention brand smartphone which one to partner with Coca-cola. Even so, a number of leaks reveal that brand in question is Realme.

Through the rendering image shared by Sharma, it can be seen smartphone it has a design loaded with brand Coca-cola. There is a Coca-cola logo on it as well body behind it.

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The body color of this Coca-cola smartphone is also red, in accordance with the typical color of the Coca-cola brand. On the rear body, there are two round rings which are home to the two smartphone camera sensors. Apart from that, there are also two volume buttons on the right side of the smartphone.

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