Use the Smartfren Oppo A53 Bundling to get a 384 GB bonus, JOGJA– Smartfren has released a package bundling the latest Oppo A53 with a special SIM card. Unlike other packages, customers who activate this SIM card will get many different benefits. Especially in supporting daily digital activities, be it for work, study, creating content to just updating status on social media.

Given that the Oppo A53 is only priced at IDR 2 million, these advantages provide a much greater value for its users. But before going any further, of course it’s good to know in full what the advantages that you can get through the Oppo A53 Smartfren bundling this time. Here is the review:

384 GB bonus for 24 months
This Oppo A53 Smartfren bundling package provides an unmitigated bonus internet quota. Once you activate the Smartfren SIM card that isbundling with Oppo A53, customers can get a bonus of up to a total of 384 GB in a period of 24 months or 16 GB per month. It is very easy to get it, simply by refilling Rp.50,000 credit, the customer will immediately get a bonus quota of 16 GB for that month.

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The bonus quota is valid for 24 hours and can be used to access any application, without any restrictions. In addition, customers can also add voucher Volume-based data quota, such as Nonstop Quota, which has a large quota and non-stop access after the main quota runs out, and Super 4G Kuota, which offers a combination of 24-hour quota with night quota.

Free to change numbers
No need to worry if you want to choose your own Smartfren number. One of the advantages of this special Smartfren starter card for Oppo A53 is the freedom to change the number according to the number of your choice. It’s easy, you just have to install the MySmartfren application on the Oppo A53 smartphone and enter it to change your Smartfren number. This change can be made once and only for numbers that are still available.

Great screen with 90Hz refresh rate
In general, smartphone screens are equipped with a 60Hz refresh rate; which means how often an image display is updated on the screen. 60Hz is actually quite comfortable and can display images clearly. But there is a significant difference if you feel it yourself refresh rate higher.

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When trying the Oppo A53bundling with the Smartfren starter card, you will immediately feel how great the screen is with a 90Hz refresh rate. This increase in specifications makes the image displayed on the screen much clearer. The movement of the image when you slide your finger across the screen is also much smoother and more precise.

Especially when you wear smartphone This Android for home study through video conference, play game or streaming movie. The advantages of the Oppo A53 screen will be immediately felt through the color quality and sharpness of the image. Coupled with the support of the Smartfren network, which is 100% 4G LTE Advance, helps create an experience video conference best, smooth streaming and games that don’t use lag.

Mobile phones that are ready to create content
One more advantage of the Oppo A53 bundling Smartfren that you should know are the features that are ready to support you to become a digital creator. Oppo A53 is equipped with 3 cameras with 13 megapixel resolution, 2 megapixel portrait and 2 megapixel macro; There are also system on chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 460, 4 GB or 6 GB RAM, and 64 GB or 128 GB memory. These specifications guarantee you can get very smooth performance when recording video, sound, and even doing simple video editing using an application mobile.

Your need toupload Your creative content is also immediately fulfilled with a bonus quota of 16 GB per month, which is sent after you top up IDR 50,000 for that month. With the support of Smartfren network technology which has 4G LTE Advance, you can also upload your latest content quickly and easily.

So what do you think about the advantages of the Oppo A53 bundling Smartfren’s special SIM card? Package bundling this you can get quickly without having to leave the house. Just order through the official online shop / now.


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